The industrial history of the Lea Valley is a very important part of Britain’s heritage that has been all but forgotten. Over 100 industrial firsts have been recorded in the area, with over 60 being in road, rail and air transportation. The museum aims to ensure that these nationally significant achievements are celebrated for future generations to enjoy. Please help us make that happen by becoming a sponsor.

Sponsor a Restoration Project

We have many artefacts that are in need of restoration. Would you like to sponsor one? If so, please contact us initially by email and our Project Director will be pleased to discuss it with you.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Although the museum has the full support of the London Borough of Waltham Forest, the Mayor of London, other local and national museums and historical societies, realising our ambition of becoming a centre for the heritage of the Lea Valley will require a lot of dedicated hard work and money.

To become a sponsor, or to discuss ways that you can do this, please contact us initially by email

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